Manhole Construction Basics That You Must Know Of

manhole construction Queensland

Manhole works as the access point to pipes that lays across the sewers and surface water drains. The manhole construction in Queensland is mainly intended for the starting, end or intermediate points in a long straight line of pipe. Their application includes allowing access to the pipe for inspection or rodding purposes.

Manhole Ring or Chamber

This is the circular pipe that is placed vertically and is used at access points to the surrounding drain. The rings are designed in such a way that it can withstand pressures up to the motorway standards. The benefits of using manhole chambers are they are fast, easy and inexpensive to construct. The manhole ring covers various depths and diameters to facilitate the range of pipes from both grounds and invert levels.

Concrete Base

In order to make your manhole construction stronger you need a formidable manhole chamber; To do that, you need a solid concrete base that can be poured in situ on-site or off-site. The concrete base requires less time, cheaper and is a safer method.

Sealing Manholes

Due to the high-cost of sewage treatments, manholes are needed to be watertight to keep it protected from surface water infiltration. So, the joints should be used to keep it sealed with an approved mastic strip and the lifting holes in each component should be sealed properly with a sand and cement ratio of 3:1.

Concrete Surround

A well-constructed or reinforced manhole does not require a concrete surrounding as it can cover an area of depth up to 4.5 meters. However, below this depth point, a thicker and more concrete surrounding is required as specified by your engineer.

Back Filling Manholes

The manhole ring should be backfilled cautiously with granular material free from boulders that may cause damages.

The above-mentioned tips related to manhole construction in Queensland not only give a longer life but also make it stronger. If you are looking for QUU accredited manhole contractors across Queensland then feel free to contact us on 0448052861.