Stormwater Drainage System Queensland

Are you having any problems with your stormwater drainage system in Ipswich or Queensland? We offer a quality inspection and the necessary measurements required to reduce the effect of flooding by carefully transporting stormwater away from the built-up areas into rivers and creeks.
Stormwater is the water that drains off a site from rain that falls on your roof or land. The reason it is so harmful is that it carries everything with it. The soil, organic matter, litter, fertilizers and oil residues from the driveways, it carries everything with it and can easily pollute the downstream waterways. On the other hand, if well-managed, it can be a highly valuable resource that can improve the liveability sustainability and resilience of cities.

Ipswich City Civil Works With the Local Councils to:

  • Improve the health of the stormwater drainage connection
  • Provide opportunities for stormwater re-use
  • Protect people living in underprivileged areas from flooding

Entering the stormwater drains is very risky, illegal and can be fatal too. The condition inside the drain can change at a moment without a warning. Let us find out how:

  • The water level may arise at any time arriving from kilometers away even on a sunny day
  • The slow water flow can unexpectedly surge up and become uncontrollable
  • The inside of the drainage is filled with poisonous gases and low oxygen level, which can be very deadly to a person
  • The steep and hidden slopes inside are can easily make you slip and the depth can prevent others from hearing you call for help

These show how important experience and technology are to get the job done inside the stormwater drainage system in Ipswich or Queensland efficiently. Without the right expertise and knowledge, it is quite impossible to either have the system cleaned, constructed or managed.

We have access to the latest industry equipment and highly qualified personnel to carry out the tasks efficiently and meticulously. All you need to do is drop us an email or a call and we will take care of the rest!