Water main Construction

Ipswich City Civil is a reputed water main construction services provider in Ipswich, Queensland specialising in extensive plumbing, concreting, and pipelaying in all industries ‘ trades available across the greater regions of Queensland. We conduct proficient water major projects for sewer, potable water, and stormwater including:

  • Sewer diversion
  • Sewer relocation
  • Sewer main construction (gravity and pressure)
  • Manholes constructions
  • Watermain construction and relocation
  • Sydney Water stormwater construction works

Highly Experienced and Reliable Pipe Laying Contractors in Ipswich, Queensland

Since our inception, we have grown to be a leading civil & drainage service provider equipped with a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians and a large fleet of industry specialised machinery. Our clients stay with us because we offer cost-efficiency, experience, and quality.

Being one of the finest pipelaying contractors, Ipswich City Civil is frequently approached by consulting engineers, major developers & homeowners, and builders and we are fully accredited, licensed, and insured to conduct our services all over Queensland. We comply with all the safety and Australian building standards and control procedures, staying within specific contract specifications, codes of practice, and regulatory requirements.

State-of-the-art Facilities For Proficient Water main Construction

Our strong work ethic and pride in finishing work meticulously and with quality have led us to be subcontracted by other big and new plumbing & civil companies to undertake work on their behalf.

We have abundant experience working with regional water authorities and local councils in our service areas laying sewer and main reticulation systems. Based on your project requirements, we can provide you with a befitting water main construction in Ipswich, Queensland that meets your needs.

Prompt and Effective Pipe Laying Construction Services at Cheap!

To deliver prompt and effective services our services are supported by a large fleet of industry-standard equipment. We are equipped with excavators, mini diggers, tipper trucks, mini dumpers, crane trucks, and a wide range of other equipment to deliver precise excavation and installation of sewer and water main reticulation. Our machinery is modern and well-maintained for unfailing services. All our equipment is also equipped with full mining specifications.
To find out more about our water main construction services in Ipswich and Queensland, think no further than Ipswich City Civil. We are happy to discuss your project and provide you with a free quote!